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Phocos CX10-1.1

Phocos CX10-1.1
Merk: phocos
Model: Phocos CX10-1.1
Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad
cx handleiding  
cx serie datasheet  

€63,00 Excl. BTW: €52,07
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Phocos CX10-1.1                    ​ 


CX Solar charge controller 12/24V 10/10A, ROHS

The CX series offers outstanding features in this class. In addition to sophisticated PWM charge regulation with integrated temperature compensation, the CX controllers provide substantial display, programming, and safety functions. The battery state of charge is clearly displayed by means of a bar graph, as well as energy flow from and to the battery and the load status (e.g. overload, load short circuit). The deep discharge protection function can be set to five different modes: two voltage-controlled, two SOC-controlled, or one adaptive (battery deep discharge protection). Acoustic alarms are built in and a programmable nightlight function as well. The CX-DR can optionally be used for DIN rail mounting.

• LCD display
• Display indicates charge and discharge status
• Load disconnect prewarning by acoustic signal
• Load status indication
• Choose among five load disconnect algorithms
• Four-stage PWM charging algorithm with integrated temperature compensation
• Protected terminals (up to 16 mm2 wire size)
• Full electronic protection
• Programmable nightlight function

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