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Phocos CX40-1.1

Phocos CX40-1.1
Merk: phocos
Model: Phocos CX40-1.1
Beschikbaarheid: Niet op voorraad
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€138,00 Excl. BTW: €114,05
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Phocos CX40-1.1                    ​ 


CX Solar charge controller 24/48V 40/40A, ROHS

The CX48 Series offers outstanding features for its class: Along with a PWM charge controller with integrated temperature compensation, the CX controller comes equipped with an extensive range of control, programming and safety functions. The battery charge status is continuously displayed via a bar graph, including the input and output current of the battery as well as the load status (e.g. overloading, load short circuiting). The deep discharge protection mode has 5 settings: two fixed voltages, two charging states or adaptive (for battery protection). An audible alarm and a programmable nightlight function are standard on all CX controllers.

• LCD - Charge and discharge status display
• Audible alert before load disconnect
• Load status indicator
• 5 load disconnect algorithms
• Four-stage PWM charging (series type)
• Integrated temperature compensation
• Full electronic protection

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